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Anti-Detect Browsers

A study on how malicious actors using 'anti-detect' browsers have been managing to bypass major cyber-security providers.

MynaSwap Case Study

How a global web3 company stopped malicious automation whilst improving the end-user experience with Ocule.

The Ineffectiveness of Captchas in the Battle Against Bots

A short investigation into the ineffectiveness of Captchas and why websites should strive to no longer use them and what alternatives could be used instead.

Ocule's First-in-Class Integration for Shopify Safeguards Against Scalping Bots and Automated Fraud

A breakdown on how Ocule made the first anti-bot integration for Shopify and what makes it so good.

Should you really use an anti-bot?

Anti-bot or anti-automation solutions are sold by various providers across the internet. Their purpose is simple, to give you the ability to protect your website from non-human activity. But why would you want to this?

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